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H-Town <--> O-Town

It's been 5 months since I moved to this H-town, the 4th largest city in US. Compare the Orlando, it is really a much bigger city. There's a real Downtown in Houston. A lot going on in this city. While taking my time to explore this H-town, I also flew back to Florida a few times in weekends. Just to recharge myself with the Florida sunshine and visit my friends, both on the land and underwater. 

O-Town ~~~


Left: Wanna drive a nice car and don't really want to put yourself in debt?? Find a friend that do! Here's a Convertible BMW M3. And it belongs to my friend Dwayne. He finally let me drive his car after I left Orlando. We have to give extra credit for him to let someone like me to drive his Beamer. Someone that couldn't manage a stick-shift car and have 3 traffic tickets in Houston already.     

Right: Dwayne used to be my buddy at work while I was in Orlando. Here's his house near O-town. He has spent so much time to remodel it all by himself, every single piece - Windows, Floor, stairs, bathrooms, kitchen.... and it's been how long? a years? We still need to eat breakfast on the floor. He said it'd be another 2 years before it's really done.     


Left: This is Tian. She joined the company a year earlier than me and has been gone thru the same kind of Engineering Training Program that I was supposed to be having. Anyway, she's from Beijing and is a Tsinghua graduate (!!!!!) Here we were having dim sum in Orlando.    

Right: Last time I went back, I went scuba diving with Tian and her friend Alex. We went to Pompano Beach in South Florida. It was a beautiful day for diving. We all got some sun tan! Diving is a lot of fun!!!


Left: Some of us went bowling. Tian was really good at bowling. She even got her own shoes!  Megan's present job requires her to travel to Houston 4 days a week while she's supposed to live in Orlando. Another frequent flyer. 

Right: Kirk, me and Megan. Kirk is also working in the same company. He's from Virginia. 

H-Town ~~~


Right: As I mentioned, there are a lot going on in Houston. One thing I discovered about Houston is there is a "Rainbow" area in Mid-town. Everything is so "colorful" around that area. And this weekend, they have a Westhimer Festival over there. Brian and I went there and saw a lot of very interesting things! Very interesting.   

Left: When Tian came to Houston, we went to see the World Premier of "the Little Prince" on stage. I think they did pretty good in putting The Little Prince in Opera. I had new inspiration every time I read this book. 

Houston Rockets~


Left: First time watch an NBA game LIVE! Love it Live! Yao Ming (left, kind of inside the rectangle) was playing in this game for Rockets too. We also saw Yao's parents. They are both over 7 ft!!! Giants! 

Right: I went with Cynthia and 2 of his friends. We both got ourselves those Big Banger from the game. They really make very loud noise!  

Houston Astro ~~


Left: Houston Astro's home field is called the Minute Maid Park. It's a brand new field with spectacular technology installed in it. Just look at the top, when the weather is nice, the top will be opened. When it's too hot or raining, they would close the top and the field would become a fully enclosed Air-conditioned area. I like watching baseball as I can understand what's going on at least.     

Right: This time I went with Sonali, my new friend in Houston. Her Parents were from India and she was born in Houston. A very nice cute girl! 

Created July 20th, 2003

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