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New Years and People

It's all about fun!!! This year, I had very unforgettable celebrations for both New Year 2003 and Chinese New Year.  

2003 New Year's Eve ~~

This year, we went to the Downtown Disney Pleasure Island Countdown Party. It was a FUN night! And the funniest part didn't come until we saw the pictures we took. They are just hilarious. However, as to protect certain individual's public image, let's just share some pictures from the beginning of the night.  I'm sure those who're involved would thank me of doing that! (especially you, Mr. Huang!)   =D 


Left: Here's Lisa and I before going to PI. Lisa is from the Upper Peninsula of Michigan and her home is only 5 minutes from Canada!!! Cool, isn't it!? And I really like the dress I wore that night. What do you think?    

Right: In the 70's Club, we have Shawn (Lisa's friend), Lisa, Kai, Whitney (Kai's girlfriend from Purdue) and Pedy.   

Chinese New Year - the Year of Goat ~~

Kung Hei Fat Choy!! Even though I am not at home, I still celebrate Chinese New Year with my American friends here. Thanks for the celebration idea of playing fireworks from Kai. Kai is my friend from the EDP class and he's from Xian and had come to the US since he's 11.   


Left: We were on our way to Cocoa Beach. Poor Kai, Chad, Adam and Lisa , they are all the year of Goat. It might be a bumpy year for you guys. Take my advise and wear a red string on your hand, or wallet. It might help your luck a little.  

Right: Well, this is not a mistake picture. In fact, we had had so much fun on playing our fireworks and that finally caught the COP's attention. Right before we were ready to play our biggest ones during mid-night, the COP came. We tried to take a picture of the COP while he was walking towards us but it was just too foggy. The visibility was less then 3 feet. We got a warning from him and didn't get to light our BIG ones at mid-night. It was a funny experience though.  Haha!!

People People People ~~


Left: Calm down, Guys! I know there's a lot of hot girls in this picture. But you still need to behave. This picture was taken at Jackie's (second left) Birthday. Left to right - Dolly, Jackie, Kathy, Senam and Pedy. Most of them are from the Sales and Marketing Program. 

Right: Maya and Brenton. We're hanging out at Waverly before Maya left for Grand Prairies, TX. Maya got a job from another Siemens Operating Company and is now working near Dallas! Brenton is now in his Sales rotation in HOUSTON!! Yup, people in this picture can sure have a little reunion in the Great State of Texas!


Left: Right before Maya left for Texas, we went out to this bar (Bar 49?) at Downtown Orlando. Left to Right - Maya, Chad, Kai, Pedy and Megan. Megan is from New York and just got a job in Orlando. (Yay!) Maya is an awesome girl who's from Bosnia and can fluently speak at least 5 languages!!! Can you believe it?! 

Right: We probably won't see this Waverly hanging-out scene anymore as all of us the EDPs have  pretty much left Orlando. Maya and I are in Texas, JaMar's back to Bama, Kai's back to Ohio. 

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