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Aggie Ring Dunking!!!!

Yes, I did it! I dunked my Aggie Ring! Getting the Aggie Ring is such a big deal in A&M. We have all kind of traditions to CELEBRATE. Officially there's Ring Dance, the formal. In recent years, Ring Dunking has become very popular. You put your Aggie Ring into a Pitcher of whatever you want - beer, milk, ice-cream.... Then you'll need to get the ring by finishing the pitcher. Yea... it's just another excuse to have Party!  

Special thanks Brenton for generously letting the crowd to use his luxurious corporate apartment in Houston two days before he moved back to Orlando. Now let's recap this historic moment.... 


Left: Four of us, Cynthia, Federico, Miguel and Me, dunked our rings together on April 17, 2003.  Look at us, we were putting our rings into a full pitcher of Bud Light. It was just an exciting and nervous moment. None of us has ever chuck the whole pitcher of beer before.      

Right: Here we go! Man, it was really a lot of beer....    


Left: While we were still working real hard at our own beer, Federico finished his in only 51 seconds!!! 51 seconds, 1 pitcher! Who can beat that?   

Right: The guys were doing much better than the girls. Miguel got his ring in a little over 1 minutes. Trash bags were conveniently located everywhere in our party. Yes, we planned for emergency! 


Left: After 2 minutes and 30 seconds, I successfully "transferred" the entire pitcher of beer out of the container and got my Aggie Ring! You might wonder where the beer went... You know, in my stomach, trash bags, sink..... Haha!!! Shortly after me, Cynthia finished hers too. 

Right: Here four of us, proudly got our Aggie Rings in our mouths. We did it! We survived! 


These are the people witness our whole dunking process and share our joy! From left to right, Brenton, Sonali, Nadine, Willie, Michael, Kathy, Miguel, Cynthia, Pedy, Jill and Federico. Philip was holding the camera. After this, Dance Dance Dance!!!  

Hong Kong Crew from College Station ~~~


Left: Part of my Hong Kong Crew from A&M. They have all the good toys in College Station. This night, I went up there and we had Korean BBQ at Mandy's home.  

Right: Same night we were playing a Surprised Birthday Song - Rock'n Roll version to Anthony. Cast include Harris, Cynthia, Yvette, Mandy, Willie, Anthony, Federico and me. Kevin was holding the camera. 


Left: When I said Toys, of course we won't miss one of most valuable part in our Chinese Culture - Mahjong! It's not that easy for me to have enough people to play with me without them! Here we have Kevin, me, Federico and Willie "invading the square castle"! Haha!! 

Right: Karaoke of course is part of our lives also! The crews there are so well equipped that they have all the required electronics and hardware. The songs they have are so new that I could barely follow! Here Anthony, Yvette, Cynthia and Harris. 

Created July 20th, 2003

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