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Rodeo Houston

Just moved in Houston 2 weeks, just in time to catch the big event in the city - RODEO Houston!! Rodeo is a month-long event. For the entire month, they have Rodeo show (bull riding, roping, horse riding, steer wrestling...) every night in the stadium followed by a concert. They have some cool people coming this year - Bon Jovi, Alabama, Ashanti... The ones I saw were Phil Vassar, Jamie O'Neal, Mark Chesnutt and Tracy Lawrence (Country Singers). Other than that, they have other activities like Livestock shows, BBQ competition, pig race, mechanical bull riding... Pretty fun and educational. Revenue from tickets are for scholarships of kids. 


Left:  Some of my friends came down from College Station to watch the Rodeo with me. So happy to see all of them again.  Just about to take off to the Reliant Stadium, we have Harris, Yvette, Mandy, Federico and Kevin (holding camera) in the car. 

Right: I went to the Rodeo in two consecutive Saturdays. I went with Jill, Philip, Cindy, Kathy and Bob the second week.    


Left: Here's one part of the Rodeo Show. Here about 30 middle school kids (in white T-shirts) were lining up. Then they let a group of calves (the black ones) out. Each kid had to catch a calf with a rope and pulled them into the white rectangle. For those who can do it, $1000 scholarship! 

Right: The most exciting part of the Rodeo show sure was the Bull Riding competition! Those bulls were really crazy I'm telling you! The bull-riders had to stay on the bulls for 8 seconds. A lot of them couldn't even stay for that long. 


Left: Ladies and Gentlemen, this is a CLONE!!!! A priceless Clone!  

Right: Another "Live Stocks" picture. 2 cows with 2 boys - a true COW-BOY picture! haha! The ass ... I mean the cows looked so good in this picture.  =D


Left: There're a big variety of livestock in the show. Lamb, Deer, Donkey, sheep, hatching chicken eggs, milk cow... And they even had a baby Kangaroo for us to pet. Very interesting!

Right: Look! These are some of the baby pigs. Aren't they cute? They did smell though.  


Left:  How can we go to the Rodeo without riding a Mechanical Bull!!?? This time I did so much better. I was there at least 15 seconds!

Right: Dusk scene from the Reliant Stadium. Not too bad, huh?! The Reliant Stadium can hold more than 70,000 people and guess what, the City of Houston built it mainly for the Rodeo.  


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